Smile Designing

They are done by giving metal free crown, bridge, metal fused ceramic crown & Bridge, Composite and glass Ionomer filling, Composite and ceramic veneer, Gummy smile correction by either conventional surgical approach with surgical blade, or with latest laser treatment for gingivectomy, lip surgery or by filling lip with filler injection or use of Botox injection for reducing the Gummy smile and give a pleasing smile

Metal free ceramic crown

Metal free ceramic Bridge

Metal fused ceramic crown & Bridge

Composite filling

Glass Ionomer filling

Composite Veneer

Composite Veneer

Ceramic veneer

Ceramic veneer

Gummy Smile

Surgical gum reduction by surgical blade

Surgical reduction by laser

Gummy Smile Correction

Reduce Gummy smile by Lip Surgery

Reduce Gummy smile by lip filler

lip filler

Botox injection

Botox injection