Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a surgical speciality in dentistry in treating many diseases, injuries and defects in Head and neck face, Fractures of jaws, cranio facial region, hard and soft tissues swellings of the oral and maxillo facial region, oral cancer.

Impacted Teeth

Types of impacted wisdom teeth

If patients are anxious about the procedure, oral surgeon may give sedative. General anesthesia is rarely used for remove of wisdom teeth.

Oral Surgeon

Removes the cysts, tumors of jaw, cancer lesion from cranio facial region and send lesion part to histopathology

Alvelo Plasty Prcedure

This procedure remove the Bony prominces before fixing the complete Denture

Re constructive Surgery

Craino facial surgery

Reconstructive Surgery before & after

Reconstructive Surgery Cleft Lip

Reconstructive Surgery Cleft Lip

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery X-Ray

Reconstructive Surgery X-Ray

Re constructive surgery done to restore the appearance and function of the areas affected by cancer

Ortognathic Surgery

Ortognathic Surgery Before & After

Ortognathic Surgery Before & After

Orthognathic Procedure

  • Orthognathic surgery is known as corrective jaw surgery
  • Surgery is designed to correct conditions of jaw and face related structure of minor and major skeleton and dental irregularity. Surgery can improve chewing, speaking and breathing and appearance.
  • Improves the occlusial function, corrects irregularity of jaw.
  • Always Orthognathic surgery is combined with Fixed Orthodontic treatment to achieve the functional occlusion.