Types of X-Rays used in Dental

1. IOPA – Intra Oral Peri Apical X-Ray

  • visualize the tooth, surrounding structures
  • Helps Dentist to diagnose the case at initial stage
  • Helps dentist to prevent further progress of the lesion

2. OPG – Orthopantomograph- panaromic view

  • Helps to show all the teeth
  • Jaw Bones
  • TMJ (Temprio Maandibular Joint)
  • Surrounding structures

3. P A – View of skull

Extra Oral X-Ray showing skull, mandible maxilla jaws

4. Lateral – View of face

Extra Oral X-Ray showing lower jaw

5. CBCT Scan ( Cone Beam Computed Tomograph)

Used when regular dental X-Rays like IOPA,OPG, Facial X-Rays are not sufficient Gives 3 dimensional (3D) images of your teeth, soft tissue, Nerve Pathogen, bone in a single scan

6. Hand wrist X-Ray

Handwrist X-Ray done to check whether growth is still remaining or whether it is completed before giving extra oral appliance like Reverse Pull Head gear and chin caps