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Laser in Dentistry

Biomedical laser which is a soft tissue laser is a revolutionary approach in Dentistry

Doctor, Assistant, patient protects eye during laser treatment.

Advantages of Soft Tissue laser

  • Bloodless surgery
  • Minimal swelling
  • No surgical blade used
  • No scarring
  • No suturing
  • Reduce surgical time
  • Less and no post surgical pain
  • Relieve pain immediately
  • No post operative pain
  • No injections
  • Recurrence of ulcer is less
  • Laser vaporizes the affected tissue rather than cutting with scalpel Blade
  • Excellent haemostatic ability of laser produces improved visibility of surgical field
  • EPrecise accurate tissue removal
  • Surgical wounds can be left to heal its own
  • Can be used for any age group.

Widely used to treat

Different Mouth Ulcers

Soft Tissue Swellings

Oral Fibroma

Oral mucocele

Oral Pyogenic granuloma

Oral Papiloma

Oral Warts

Oral Herpetic Ulcer

Oral Leukoplakia

Oral Lichen Planus

Treatment for Pericoronitis


  • Pericoronitis is the inflammation of mucous membrane covering the wisdom teeth while erupting.
  • Operculectomy is a surgical procedure of removal of mucus membrane by conventional method by using surgical blade.
  • Introduction of laser helps to do operculectomy without any adverse effects

Tongue tie or Ankyloglossia

Tongue tie

Before Surgery

After Surgery

  • Lingual frenum which is short , thick band of tissue which attach from bottom of tongue’s tip to floor of mouth, will restrict the tongue’s range of motion
  • It is a congenital condition and can be hereditary
  • Seen more in boys
  • Can effect feeding and in pronunciation of words
  • Surgery is done before one year
  • Can be treated by conventional method by using surgical blade or by giving a cut to frenum, which is called as frenectomy
  • Recovery takes 3 to 5 days after surgical procedure
  • Soft tissue laser helps with quicker recovery time
  • Reduce risk of infection due to super heating
  • Sterilization of tissue in the area will destroy most of bacteria
  • Less swelling and less pain and faster recovery


Surgical Method of Frenectomy

High Frenum

Surgical Method

Surgical Method

  • Procedure for reliving the frenum
  • For upper lip to move freely, can be treated with conventional surgical blade

Laser Method of frenectomy with Soft Tissue laser

Laser Method of Frenectomy

Before & After Frenectomy

To Treat Deep Pockets

Deep pocket measurement

Before | After deep pocket treatment

  • Treating deep pockets with calculus and inflamed tissue
  • Removal helps to reduce inflammatory processe

To Treat Dry Socket (Alveolar Osteitis)

Laser application for dry socket prevention

     
  • It is painful dental condition occuring after an adult tooth is removed.
  • There will be a dislodgement of clot leading to bone and nerve exposed
  • Failure of blood clot formation also appear as an empty tooth socket
  • Whitish Bone seen, pain start after 2 days after tooth is pulled, pain radiates to teeth
  • Bad breath and unpleasant smell and taste in your mouth.
  • Prevention of dry socket with laser helps to stop bleeding, promote clot formation and prevent dry socket formation after extraction.

Deep Pigmentation of Gums

Before & After

  • Deep pigmentation of gums is due to excessive melanin Pigment.
  • Dental soft laser removes the black spots quickly without pain
  • Laser Bleach the gums by removing the excessive pigment from area.
  • It destroys top layer of cells of the gums.

Gingivectomy ( Gingivo plasty)

Before & After

  • In normal smile only 2mm of gums is visible.
  • Anything excess can be removed by surgical method or by laser.
  • Gingivectomy reduce gummy smile and given a pleasing smile.

Exposing crowns which are un erupted (impacted)

Exposing impacted crowns

Laser helps in exposing tooth with minimal or nil gingival recession, less discomfort compared to Scalpel Technique.

TMJ Pain ( Tempero Mandibular Joint Pain)

Laser treatment for TMJ Pain

  • Laser, Low level therapy helps immediate pain relief while treating TMJ dysfunction syndrome
  • Laser treatment helps in mouth opening, increase blood circulation
  • GReduces inflammation in joint
  • Gives pain relief

Laser teeth bleaching

Before & After laser Bleaching

Advantages of laser whitening

  • Quick, simple procedure
  • Procedure achieves several shades of teeth whitening easily which lasts for 5 years
  • whole procedure takes an hour
  • Only extreme cases multiple sessions is required
  • Compare to tray based whitening takes several weeks to get visible effects
  • Laser do not effect on strength of your teeth and health of your gums
  • Procedure is safe by using neutralizing gels and rubber shields to protect your gums Tongue and other tissues in mouth