White Spots

Can be due to various causes like Hyper flurosis, Enamel Hyperplasia, Acid attacks on enamel, morning white spots, white spots during or after orthodontia treatment.

White Spots due to Fluorosis:

  • Excessive intake of fluoride from tooth paste or from drinking water leads to Hyper fluorosis.
  • In normal drinking water fluoride level is I part per million (1 PPM).
  • If fluoride level in drinking water is increased, it effects teeth, if teeth are in developing stage.

White Spots due to Enamel Hypoplasia

  • It is a development defect
  • Seen when there is hypo mineralization of enamel.
  • Enamel is the hardest part of our body.
  • Enamel is having 90% minerals
  • Can effect primary (milk) teeth and permanent teeth.
  • Seen as a defect in enamel, as missing tooth structure, pits, grooves, or small dent in tooth.
  • Can be localized discoloration or entire tooth can turn as dark brown colour.
  • Enamel hypoplasia can be a lifelong condition
  • May require white filling or may be given crown, if condition is beyond, may need extraction.

White spots due to plaque bacteria

  • More seen in children, due to plaque bacteria
  • Which produce acid, which will damage the enamel, leading to white spots on enamel
  • White spots is due to plaque bacteria attack leads to decalcification lead to white spots on teeth
  • May be prevented by removing Plaque, food debris from tooth surface at least twice a day by brushing.

White spots seen when wake up in the morning

  • This white spots goes away after few hours after wake up.
  • Caused by sleeping with mouth open at night leads to dehydration of enamel surface of teeth.
  • Goes away after brushing teeth.

White Spots - during Orthodontic treatment

  • Due to too much fluoride to teeth
  • Or may be due to build up of plaque and food particles around appliance
  • Bacteria accumulate on the teeth and produce acid which will decalcify the enamel leading to white spots

Tooth Mouse

  • Removing the white spots is effective when “Tooth Mouse” used for 5 minutes, twice daily will help to widen the enamel rods and deposit calcium and phosphate will lead to remineralization of enamel and removal of the white spots.
  • Tooth mouse can be applied to teeth directly with finger
  • Tooth Mouse can be applied with a tray made of soft acrylic loaded with tooth mouse, which is fabricated for each patient.
  • Available in different flavors like mint, strawberry, melon, Tutti fruity gives variety of choices for children.
  • Good effect is seen for 12 weeks treatment.
  • Best results are achieved while used at night time because salivary rate is less during sleep.
  • Tooth mouse is used to prevent white spots which appear during and after orthodontic treatment.
  • White spots can be less noticeable by using tooth whitening which will remove surrounding stain.