How safe are dental clinics

  • Floors cleaned with phenol twice a day
  • Non carpeted areas cleaned with vacuum cleaner to remove dust to prevent air born infection every day
  • Chairs, Tray sprayed with antiseptic solution and wiped after every patient
  • Spittoon cleaned with disinfectant spray after every patient
  • Suction unit’s tubes are rinsed with antiseptic solution after every patient
  • Using disposal cups, napkin, brush tips, suction tips and gloves ,syringes, needles for each patient

Instrument Sterilization

  • Instruments are washed with anti septic solutions and wiped clean
  • Instruments packed into sterile punches and sealed
  • Instruments kept into autoclave and temperature will be at 121⁰C
  • Autoclave procedure destroys all bacteria, viruses and spores

Auto Clave

Cooker type Sterilizer

Sterile Pouches