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Dental Ceramic Training is for one year and one year experience in our dental ceramic lab. Anyone who have completed Plus +2, eligible for boys or girls or even house wives, can get training.
Artistic talent is not mandatory because we can craft any one to make a competent ceramist. In training we give artistic exercises, knowledge about basic dental anatomy, carving in wax blocks, numbering teeth, setting teeth, articulating, mixing materials, making wax pattern , investing, de waxing, casting, metal trimming, stages of making metal fused ceramic crown and bridges, shade selection and glazing.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us or visit our centre.

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Training Programme

Artistic exercise

Basic Dental Anatomy of each tooth

Carving on wax

Carving each tooth in wax

Numbering of teeth

Numbering teeth

Basic principle of setting teeth

Knowledge of materials inside in lab

Mixing different Material

Poring the cast

Mounting the casts on Articulator

Wax pattern for dental ceramic work

Making Wax Pattern

Wax pattern ready for dewaxing

De waxing

Investing dental ceramic wax pattern


Metal casting of dental ceramic wax pattern

Metal Casting

Metal trimming of dental ceramic work

Metal trimming


Oxidization of dental ceramic metal in furnace

Opaquor coating

Ceramic Build up

Ceramic Build up

Dental Ceramic Build

Ceramic Build up

Comparing the ceramic work with shade

Comparing the ceramic work with shade guide


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